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List Your Financial Objectives. DEVELOP YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN

Identify Your Investment Strategy. DEVELOP YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN



Why Invest in Stocks?

Common Stocks

What you need to know about dividends

Classes of common stock

Types of Dividends

Types of common stock

How to read common stock quotations

Preferred Stocks

Characteristics of preferred stock

How to evaluate preferred stock

Understanding the Risks of Investing in Stocks

Types of investment risk and what you can do about risk

Relationship between risk and return

Measures of risk

Returns of Stocks

Calculating rate of return

The Risk-return Tradeoff

Asset allocation and selection of investments

Stock Market Indexes

Main Stock Market Indexes

The Importance of Stock Market Indexes

How Stocks Are Traded

How Security Markets Work

Protecting Against Losses in Choosing IPOs

Secondary Markets and How Securities are Traded

Types of Orders

Market Order

Limit Order

Stop Order


Types of Accounts at Brokerage Firms

Discretionary Account

How Short Selling Works

What Are the Risks of Short Selling

Using Stop Orders to Protect Profits on a Short Sale

What is short interest?

Valuing Common Stock

Discounted Cash Flow Method

Relative Valuation Methods

Financial Statement Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statements

Competitive Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Leverage Ratios

Common Stock Price Ratios

Pro Forma Financial Statements

Technical Analysis

Charts and their Patterns

Point and Figure Charts

Candlestick Charts

Chart Patterns

Market Indicators

Short-Interest Theory

Barron’s Confidence Index

Insider Trading

Investment Advisory Opinions

Trend Methods

Structural Theories

Implications of Technical Analysis for Investors

Theories of the Stock Market

Theories of the Stock Prices

Random Walk Theory

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Weak Form

Semistrong Form

Strong Form

Implications of the Efficient Market Hypothesis for Investors

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Application of the Beta Coefficient

Security Market Line

Other Theories of Return

Comparison of Risk asjusted Returns

Treynor Index and Jensen Index

Active versus Passive investment strategies

The implications of the theories of the stock markets on investers

Growth, Value, and Momentum Investing Styles

Choosing an investment style

Active versus Passive Investment

Value versus Growth Investing

How to compose a Value Portfolio

Selecting a Value Portfolio

How to Compose a Growth Portfolio

How to compose a Blend of Value and Growth Stock Portfolio

How to compose a Momentum Portfolio

Reasons for Selecting These Stocks Outperforming Sectors

Open-End Mutual Funds

Funds and how they work

The Different Types of Funds

Types of Mutual Funds

Analysis of the Prospectus can assist in the Choice of Fund

Load Funds versus No-Load Funds

Selected Per-Share Data and Ratios

The Risks of mutual funds

The Tax consequences of buying and selling Shares in a mutual fund

Hidden Capital Gains

Hidden Capital Losses

Should an investor invest in individual securities or use funds?

Closed-End Funds

Unit investment trust

Real estate investment trust

What are Closed-End Funds

What are the Risks of Closed-end Mutual Funds and UITs

Should an Investor invest in individual securities or use funds?

Exchange-Traded Funds

Advantages and disadvantages of ETFS

Investing in Foreign Stocks

Why should you invest in Foreign Stocks

What are the Risks of Foreign Stocks

How to invest in Foreign Stocks

Buying Foreign Stocks Trading as ADRs

Exchange-Traded Funds

International Mutual Funds

Country Funds

Is International Investing suitable for Me?

Portfolio Management and Evaluation

Asset Allocation

Selection of Individual Investments

Categories in Trading Mistakes

Lack of Trading Plan
Planning plays a key role in the success or failure of any endeavor

Using too much Leverage
Determining the proper capital requirements for trading is a difficult task

Failure to control Risk
Refusing to employ effective risk control measures can ensure your long-term failure

Lack of Discipline
A lack of discipline can destroy even the most talented and best prepared trader

Useful Advices to Beginning Trader
You can control your success or failure

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